Manifestazione about to start

demonstrationYesterday morning I was on the bus, listening to a fellow passenger muttering about traffic. The reason was clear once we reached Piramide: a manifestazione (demonstration, rally) was just about to start. The major Italian trade unions CGIL – CISL – UIL were holding a joint national rally in Rome: Lavoro è democrazia. Labour is democracy. This was one of the starting points, and people from all over Italy were pouring in by metro, train and bus.

demonstration Balloons, banners, flags everywhere. Messages: Investments, re-distribution of income, recovery in consumptions are the essential conditions to support the economy.  demonstrationFrom the Guardian: Italy’s workforce march on Rome to demand end to high unemployment Quote: “Italian unemployment rose to 12% in April, the highest level on record, and joblessness among people under 24 is at an all-time high above 40%.”  Hard times.


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