Golden flaxseed sourdough loaf

20130623-194506.jpgThis was baked last night, when Rome suddenly cooled down a bit. It is so nice when there’s a fresh evening breeze. I set the dough Friday night, left in the fridge until Saturday afternoon, and baked the bread in the early evening, when we could open the windows and get a cross-breeze. Otherwise the kitchen gets unbearably hot!

Golden flaxseed sourdough loaf
250g sourdough starter (100% hydration)
220g water
200g plain flour (I used OO)
150g wholewheat flour
30g golden flaxseeds, optional
1 tsp salt

Mix all, all, let rise an hour, fold. Cover and leave in fridge up to 20 hours. It will keep rising, slowly. Take out and let come to room temperature (might take an hour or two, depending on your kitchen temperature). Fold dough a few times. After folding a final time, move dough to a floured banneton to rise for an hour or two. It’s a relatively firm dough, and it could be baked free-form as well.

Heat your oven to 250C, and place a cast iron pot with lid in the oven to heat up, for at least 20 minutes. It needs to be really hot. When ready to bake, carefully take the pot out of the oven. Invert the banneton onto a small sheet of baking paper, and quickly lift the dough into the pot  by holding the corners of the baking paper into the hot pot. Slash the top with a knife or kitchen scissors. Bake at 250C for 30 minutes with lid, then 10-15 minutes at 230C without lid. The bread should sound hollow when you knock on the base.  Cool before slicing.

Note: this was a drier dough, but I baked it it in a cast-iron pot to keep moisture in, to encourage the rise. I still think the results are better with a higher hydration dough than this, but was curious to play with the flour/starter ratios. Use more water if you wish. Not much in the way of air pockets this time, but very good flavour, probably because of the slow fermentation. Nice firm structure for sandwiches.
bread, not pretty but tasty

Oh, and there is another public transport strike in Rome again tomorrow. Good to know there is bread waiting for breakfast, before dashing out to catch a bus before the strike starts at 830!


2 thoughts on “Golden flaxseed sourdough loaf

  1. Daniel Etherington

    Hi Kristin – Is your starter 100% hydration?
    Also – did you soak or smash up your linseed a bit first? I’ve heard that can make it more digestible (though I can’t remember where I heard that).
    You inspired me to make my first proper sourdough for a while the other day, though as I don’t have my Le Crousset I couldn’t try your technique. So it didn’t get great oven spring… but was still tasty.
    Loving this cooler Roma weather – lovely breeze last night too, blowing away the heat and some of the zanzare.

    1. krumkaker Post author

      Yes, 100% hydration. Sorry for the omission. This time I added the flaxseeds as they were, sometimes I soak them for a few hours or overnight first. Indeed, I have heard soaking recommended, but I just like the seeds for a bit of extra texture, so I don’t always bother to soak them.


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