Garbatella sunset

sunsetLovely summer evening last night. There was a cool breeze, and the most gorgeous light over Garbatella.

sunsetThose are TV antennas. There are forests of them on the rooftops, often with cables danging down to the respective flats.

Looking at the changing light, the sounds were carrying across piazza on the evening breeze, as windows had been flung open all over to let the cooler air in. Wonderful, after the hot week here. Someone having dinner, someone laughing, and hammering from the bar opposite where they are doing very slow repairs of some sort in the evenings.

sunsetAnd there were chairs scraping up on the roof terrace across the road, as a group there gathered to watch football, Brazil-Italy. It was very quiet as the game went on, so Brazil must have won. Then someone played really loud disco music for an hour or two, possibly a birthday party in the next road. Or maybe kids celebrating school finishing, who knows? (No, come to think of it, they would probably listen to something more modern than disco I recognize…)  Still, it was a really nice evening.


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