Sunflower seed sourdough loaf


The first heatwave of the summer is here, and I thought I might need to dust off the breadmaker. It doesn’t heat up the flat as much as the oven does. But then I saw the tempting Cherry Sourdough Cake at Chica Andaluza, decided to feed my sourdough starter for a cake and made some bread as well. I tweaked her cake recipe to make a sourdough cake with plums and port, and must admit that the bread here turned out better than my cake. It was tasty but very dense. I will try again. Anyway, the bread was OK, not very high but a good flavour. Maybe too much rye this time.

Sunflower seed sourdough loaf
200g sourdough starter
333g water
450g plain flour (I used half OO, half O)
130g fine rye flour
30g sunflower seeds
1 tsp salt

Mix all, all, let rise a few hours, fold dough a few times while rising. Bake at 230C for 45 minutes.
20130616-174203.jpg 20130616-174210.jpg

Note: this was a drier dough, and I baked it uncovered in a tin. The results tend to be better with a wetter dough in a covered pot. I might try a variation of this with steam (icecubes in a tray below the bread) to see if that makes a difference. It could also be a flour issue. Oh well – as long as the bread tastes good and we can make sandwiches, I will not be too worried. And half the fun is that the bread is never quite the same, since I keep trying new recipes and ratios.



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