Sourdough loaf on Sunday

sourdough loaves

Tonight we’re seeing a friend for dinner, and I’m bringing bread. This recipe is from Stonesoup: rustic sourdough: the secret to making amazing bread at home [5 ingredients | simple baking]. Her recipes are simple and reliable, highly recommended reading. The sourdough article also has an explanatory video. It is a very robust recipe that works very well.

Stonesoup: rustic homemade sourdough

325g bread flour (I used half plain, half wholewheat)
200g active sourdough starter, 100%
275g water
1 tsp salt

Dough after a night in the fridge

Dough after a night in the fridge

This makes 1 loaf, I doubled it as we neded two loaves. Combine flour, starter, water and salt and stir together. Leave overnight: I left the dough two hours room temperature, folding a couple times, then left the dough overnight in the fridge, under cover.

The next morning, the dough will be quite elastic and wet. Do not worry, this helps the rise when baking. Flour the counter, and fold the dough over itself a few times to make a nice round shape. Place in floured banneton (or a bowl with baking paper) to rise under cover for a couple hours.

Dough rising in basket and bowl

Dough rising in basket and bowl

Heat your oven to 250C, and place a cast iron pot with lid in the oven to heat up, for at least 20 minutes. It needs to be really hot.

When ready to bake, carefully take the pot out of the oven. Some dust the pot with flour or semolina to avoid the bread sticking, but after having bread burned into the pot, I use baking paper. Invert the banneton onto a small sheet of baking paper, and quickly lift it by holding the corners of the baking paper into the hot pot. It will spread. Slash the top with a knife or kitchen scissors.

Bread baked in potBake at 250C with lid for 30 minutes, then remove lid and bake ten minutes more, until it looks golden. This depends on your oven. If in doubt, take the loaf out, tap in on base: does it sound hollow? If so, it’s done. Take out, cool on rack.

Note: If you don’t have a pot, a shallow dish will do, but something with edges is helpful as this dough is quite loose, and will otherwise spread out. We know what that looks like! If baking without a pot, put a a baking tray at the bottom of the oven to heat up, so you can pour in a little water or icecubes when the dough goes in, just to create steam in the oven when baking. I use a really old baking tin for this. Just leave it there during the baking.

I aways wondered if I was losing spring when inverting dough from banneton to the iron pot. The dough slumps down and deflates a bit, which can look unpromising. This time I inverted the dough from the banneton, and lifted over dough number two rising in the plastic bowl (without inverting). No difference for height in the final loaves, which is interesting. However, this dough is quite stretchy, with a lot of give. A drier dough might not give the same result.

20130609-120955.jpg 20130609-121010.jpg

two sourdough loaves


6 thoughts on “Sourdough loaf on Sunday

    1. krumkaker Post author

      Hi there Daniel, Kristin here. I alternate what I feed my starter. It lives in the fridge, and is usually taken out and fed Fridays for baking on the weekend on rye flour, coarse or fine. It is very robust. Reecently I’ve tried every other week using organic wholewheat flour from the Garbatella farmers’ market, which perked the starter up. It could also be that my current rye flour is a bit old, but the bread rises fine anyway and I like the rye flavour. There seems to be no harm in varying flours. What is working best for you?

    1. krumkaker Post author

      Best wishes with the starter. Spelt farro should work, you just never know. The market is still finding its feet in Garbatella, I think. It was certainly better in the ex-mattatoio. Lots of space and light, but lots of unused space and by no means as bustling as it was in Testaccio. I heard the other farmers market at Circo Massimo market is good, with Roman food served as well. Still, the eggs, ricotta and wholewheat flour at the Garbatella one are excellent and hopefully the market will continue to improve, there are more vendors moving in. Someone had a nice truffle spead last time, next to the flour guy; always interesting to have a look.


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