Afternoon commute


Taking public transport in Rome can be challenging, with strikes and deviations and delays. Most of the time it works pretty well, though, as long as you have allocated some extra tme. There is often a double-parked car (or a triple-parked one) blocking the bus in the morning: people dropping off kids, deliveries to shops, builders, someone just getting a cappuccino…. The bus honks, the cars behind honk, and eventually someone appears, waving apologetically, to move the offending vehicle.

The afternoons are usually smoother, though traffic is worse. Here are some snapshots from the other day. My bus takes a roundabout route. We go past the Piramide Cestia, which is currently being restored. They are also digging up various parts of the road, which appears to be unrelated.


Eventually we get to Garbatella, which is a really great neighbourhood to live in. Very local, and in parts very picturesque. Interesting history as well. More on Garbatella another day; the bus continues.

Aha! This is a tourist hotspot, at least for Italians who watch the soap opera I Cesaroni (partially set in Garbatella) and make the pilgrimage to see the bar. Now and then TV trucks show up to film the exterior scenes, which is entertaining. Otherwise it is a nice place for a drink, with the grey parrot Nero who sits in his cage outside all year.

And here is the Fontanella di Carlotta and Scala degli Innamorati. Isn’t that lovely?


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