Cherry-apple jam with Campari

20130601-173743.jpgThe cherries are here, red and tempting, and I bought a kilo today with no particular plans. Maybe some cherry-chilli cheese jam, or perhaps cherry samosas? I looked through my bookmarks (so many recipes, so little time…..) and settled on a small batch of cherry jam with Campari, leaving enough for a cherry clafoutis soon. We’re making pizza tonight for dinner, and fishcakes tomorrow, so I’ll see when the clafoutis will fit in. It’s been raining on and off here, but the sourdough pizza dough is resting in the weak afternoon sun and I’m putting my feet up with a cup of tea. Life is good.

Cherry-apple jam with Campari (adapted from Dansukker)

600g cherries
400g apples (2 apples)
500g sugar
45g pectin powder
50 ml Campari

Start by sterilizing the jars you’ll use. I just boil clean jars and lids for five minutes or so in a saucepan, and leave them there until needed.

Rinse and pit the cherries. This is can be messy, so don’t wear anything light that might stain. Have a wide pot ready for the fruit. For the apples (I used one green, one red): core and quarter them but leave peel on. Grate the apple wedges; if there are stubborn strips of peel, just chop those and toss them in the pot. Optional step: with a hand blender, liquidize half of the cherries. Heat gently for five minutes, and you will see the cherries softening and giving off liquid. Add the sugar and boil five minutes. Add the pectin and boil two more minutes. Remove from the heat and stir in the Campari. Pour into warm, sterilised jars. Seal. Store in a cool place.

Notes: The pectin/sugar ratio will differ, based on the type you have. There are jam sugars with added pectin, liquid pectin, and others. See what your pectin packet recommends, the ratios are key here. You might use lemon juice as well. I used less sugar and half the recommended amount of Campari and thought it was still quite a strong flavour, though good. Delicious on toast. Taste it yourself and see what you think, it is nice without the Campari as well.

20130601-173749.jpg 20130601-173755.jpg


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