Strawberries + leftover cake + lovely husband = dessert

cake with strawberries

We cook almost every day. Our fridge is constantly crammed with leftovers in plastic boxes, jars brought from abroad and mystery ingredients we plan to try. The leftovers are on the bottom shelf, so I see them (not being tall) and we do not throw out much. I bring lunch to work every day, and tomorrow’s lunch is all leftovers from a Norwegian dinner: potato salad, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, and fresh strawberries. It’s no hardship.

Anyway, we recently made a sculpted car birthday cake for the son of a friend, and had heaps of cake off-cuts leftover, as well as buttercream frosting. Then I bought strawberries, as they looked so nice. I came home from work to find dinner waiting, prepared by my lovely husband, as well as this gorgeous dessert plate which he unveiled.

Strawberries + leftover cake + leftover frosting + lovely creative husband = dessert.

I am so lucky!


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