A must-read by Diana Henry: ‘Cooking is my escape, the place where I can make things better’

Wonderfully written by Diana Henry: Cooking is my escape, the place where I can make things better‘. Daily Telegraph, 19 May 2013. Her writing and books are delightful, as you see here. 

“For me it is this connectedness that is the key thing about food. Of course it connects you to the people you feed, but it also connects you to other cooks.

I barely own a cookbook by a chef, but I have scrapbooks stuffed with recipes scribbled down by home cooks in some part of the world or other. These recipes are part of someone else’s life that then become part of yours.


Cooking comforts and excites, gives me private pleasure and provides pleasure for others. I’m glad I’m obsessed. It makes me happy. In bad times I remind myself: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” And then I think, yeah, and lemon drizzle cake, lemon and honey marmalade, lemon meringue ice cream… and of course you can pickle them, too.”


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