Expats and food shopping – London

food from LondonAmazing as Rome is, sometimes you just want some non-Italian food. It is getting easier to find many things here (sour cream, flour tortillas) and we make a lot from scratch, but two things are certain when I travel: a) if abroad: please, no Italian restaurants, and b) we will be exploring local food shopping. Last trip was Budapest, where I found poppyseeds, fresh horseradish and spicy cured Mangalica sausages. Tasty!

Last weekend we were in London, as you can see here. Thank goodness for BA and those 23 kilos of checked luggage. What did we get? Crumpets and potato farls, chipotle paste, butterscotch Angel Delight (instant pudding, terribly 70’s), the new Pimm’s with Elderflower & Blackberry, prawn crisps, Thai sweet chili crisps, curry paste, stir-fry sauces, dry yeast, flour mixes for the bread machine – oh, and giant couscous, which I have been looking for here. Plus the Heston plain and chocolate popping candy, which should be fun to try.

Thai supermarket shopping

From the Thai supermarket in Putney: spinach egg noodles, fresh turmeric (anyone know what to do with it? Will have to investigate this), curry paste and more stir-fry sauces, plus a mystery package of spicy black beans. In Rome I normally I explore Asian shops near the Piazza Vittorio market (fresh coriander!), those are also good for slightly more exotic ingredients. Half the fun is woking out how to cook some of it.

kaviar from NorwayLastly and very kindly provided by a family member traveling from Norway, whom we met in London: lefseklenning and kaviar from home. Not the fancy kind of caviar, this is everyday food Norwegians get very homesick for. Technically it is creamed smoked cod roe paste; it is great on bread or with a boiled egg; for me it’s essential for a fried egg sandwich. IKEA here used to have Swedish kaviar in their gastronomia svedese section, but it’s been missing the last few times we’ve gone. At least they still have pickled herring there, which is a good consolation.

Nice to get back to proper coffee and sunshine though!


2 thoughts on “Expats and food shopping – London

    1. krumkaker Post author

      Indeed, that must be missed. Not so easy to make either. A discount store here (Todis) carries a few Eastern European products, and I was thrilled to see sour cream.


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