Asparagus with an uova in camicia (poached egg)


Spring, the first heatwave of the year and lovely crisp affordable asparagus at the vegetable shop downstairs. What to do with it? Toss it with ginger fried rice, or serve it roasted with Sriracha mayo? Or maybe on a pizza with mushrooms, prosciutto and balsamic glaze? So many choices…. Those are on the very-expanding to-try list.


Uova in camicia” means egg in a shirt, it’s Italian for a poached egg. I have no idea why. I’d seen this on scattodigusto: 5 cose da fare con gli asparagi. L’uovo in camicia, per esempio and did my best to replicate that. We poached two eggs, boiled a handful of asparagus tips (a  bit too long, I confess), then drizzled on some olive oil, smoked paprika and truffle salt.  With some toast on the side, delicious!


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