Ricotta herb soufflés

Making ricotta souffleAfter making pasta with peas and ricotta on Monday, what to do with the leftover fresh ricotta? I’d seen a recipe for baked ricotta on Nueva Cocina, just the thing for a quiet May Day at home. It’s a public holiday here. Of course the soufflés deflated once they were out of the oven (must work on that), but they were very cheesy and tasty.

Herb ricotta souffle

Adapted from Nueva Cucina: Ricotta Baked with Pecorino and Herbs

Ricotta herb soufflés
100g fresh ricotta
1 egg
3 tbsp low-fat yoghurt
45g medium hard cheese (I used saffron cheese)
Some fresh basil and tarragon
Salt and pepper
Chop the herbs, mix all ingredients, bake in two ramekins: 190c for 20 mins until they have risen and are slightly golden.
Notes: the original recipe called for cream and pecorino, but  low-fat yoghurt and the saffron cheese we had seemed to work well. I buttered the ramekins but that was probably not needed. We bought the saffron cheese with peppercorns at the airport in Palermo recently, it looked more interesting than it tasted… but was nice here, and gave a lovely yellow colour.

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