Baguettes, for a change

baking with iPadI bake a lot, and trust that most baking sins can be forgiven if the taste is good (a dusting of icing sugar also helps). New recipes are much more fun to try; I just need to keep the flour off the iPad…. I usually bake loaves of bread, but thought baguettes might be fun for a change. With thanks for inspiration to The Vicar Died Laughing: Baguette with Poolish  (much more detailed description and original recipe there).

Baking with iPadBAGUETTES
Night before, make the poolish:
250g of strong white flour
3g of dried yeast
300g of water

Next day:
All of the poolish
200g of strong white flour
100g of wholewheat flour
3g of dried yeast
5g of salt

IMGP1122Night before: Mix flour, water and yeast and leave overnight. Next day: add the remaining flour, salt, water and yeast; stir and fold a few times. Leave to rest a couple hours, it should rise nicely. Divide the dough into three pieces, roll out to sausages, then let rise for an hour or so. Slash each baguette on the diagonal and bake at 230c for 15-20 min until golden.

Notes: I added some wholewheat flour, did minimal kneading but folded the dough a few times, and used less salt. Oven preheated to 230C with a pan of water in the bottom of the oven, for steam. These kept well for lunch the next day.

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